Elevate Your Tasting Experience

Taking a winter break from booze?  No need to let your wine glasses get dusty! We designed our kombucha, much like a wine, to be savoured and enjoyed. Carefully selected ingredients, natural fermentation and attention to detail make a kombucha that isn't overpowering, rather, balanced and delicious.  

Here's a few ways to take your kombucha drinking to the next level...
Pair with your favourite meal

Kombucha pairs well with all sorts of foods.  The high acidity in kombucha is a great contrast to fatty or salty foods.  Try the delicate flavours of the Elderflower Ginger with Sushi or the Rosehip Hibiscus with the salty and spicy flavours of Pad Thai.
Meal with Goodmore Kombucha
Photo credit: @carolikina

Pour into a wine glass

A good wine glass is designed to accentuate aroma, flavour and texture. We find that a fluted white wine glass is the best way to go.

Pouring Goodmore Kombucha into Wine Glass
Photo credit: @sydandingram

Make your own mocktail

Turn your boozy night into a boochy night.  Come up with your own mocktail. The acidity, unique flavours and carbonation make for a perfect base for many a creative mocktail. 
Goodmore Kombucha Spiced Cacao Mocktail
Photo credit: @phototypehfx
Elevate any occasion with one of our delicate and sophisticated flavours, for a
grown up feel tasting experience.

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